Wild Amsterdam
an ode to animals of the city

Photo image for booklet The cat in the wild city | Wild Amsterdam

Meet the animals of the city. Amsterdam has around 10,000 animal and plant species. The familiar gull, mouse and pike have their home base there, but there are also newcomers such as the parakeet parakeet, the crayfish and the alligator. And occasionally even a fox or catfish visits the city. The stubborn cat Abatutu, known from the film De Wilde Stad, takes you in tow to all corners of the city. This way you get the chance to get to know the city animals in person. With knowledge, Abatutu shows in 25 adventurous stories how each animal manages to survive in its own surprising way.


De Wilde Stad by the makers of De Nieuwe Wildernis (Golden Calf 2013 and Holland – Nature in the Delta (Golden Film 2015)