The De Ruiter family
portrayed in a picturesque way

Delicious Burgundian cosiness!
Carefully set table with an added element with a personal touch and beautifully highlighted.

  • personal story
    Personal story Family Kerbof She is from Haarlem, he from The Hague.. and the children grew up in Friesland. As a gift for her for their silver wedding. The children how they are now and what they love now. In a landscape setting where they often walk with the tree as a symbol of life […]
    Family portrait
    Family portrait A magical backyard in Tienhoven ‘Just’ in the back of the garden with the family. Personal, a snapshot in time, the year 2020. But then very special and with extra magic! In and around the swimming pond. The basic image was photographed at the first rays of the sun (when the family was […]
    Unique portrait
    Unique portrait Adema family personally adapted reality A snapshot in time of the family with everything that is dear to them. Reality somewhat distorted in a fairytale setting where various valuable elements have been carefully composed together. Their farm, beautiful in the very first rays of the sun of a nice late summer day, again […]
    Family de Ruiter
    The De Ruiter family portrayed in a picturesque way Delicious Burgundian cosiness! Carefully set table with an added element with a personal touch and beautifully highlighted.
    Fotokunst Familie Wierstra
    Unique family portrait at home “Cozy with the family, children and grandchildren, casual, nice dining, on a beautiful late summer evening.” Carefully set table and a beautiful personal element of everyone in the picture. Just at home, behind home. With a modified background, that is…
    Fries paard Vlieland portret ENG
    Magical portrait on Vlieland customized photo art Daughter Anne Marthe on her favorite Frisian on the beautiful beach of Vlieland.
    Family portrait Switzerland
    Family portrait at home in Switzerland unique personal family portrait Switzerland. Autumn starts, the apples are ripe. The children are playing. Elements that are currently important for the family and / or children have been carefully brought together. The house before the renovation combined with the view of Mont Blanc, mum and dad watch.
    Family portrait Jansen
    The Jansen family special family portrait on location   Celebration of father / grandfather their respective age of 80 in Stania State. With elements that suit the family or / and family member themselves.
    magical portrait of daughter
    Portrait of daughter Ylja magical photo art Magical and enchanting image of daughter Ilja, how she is now and what she loves now. Ylja is a bright girl who is very interested in nature. She also knows everything about it. Her favorite animal is a jaguar, but also the owl, snakes, roe deer, squirrels and […]
    magical potrait together with my dog and horse
    Magical portrait custom photo art Jelmer Kooistra Jelmer wanted a special, magical portrait together with his proud Frisian Stabij dog Doutzen and Frisian horse Mintze, in a place near his house. Together we went to look and there we found this fantastic tree …
    all grandschildren portrait with beautifull lighting
    All grandchildren of Ciska special family portrait Back in time, because grandma likes it so much. In the De Sûkerei museum. With picturesque lighting, all grandchildren in their roles suit them. Custom art photo gift.
    family custom art
    Petrov family Custom art Proud of the children, proud of the house. Our home. The children play nicely in the backyard, where here and there hugs and toys are also visible that are currently important for the children. The house with mum and dad behind the window is also beautifully visible.
    special portrait zeeland
    Zeeland Special portrait gift for mom Custom art Children van der Oest in Zeeland. What mommy likes so much. Magical and alienating. Would they really go as far as the posts? A very special birthday gift.
    Ronny special portrait
    Special portrait children Surprise gift for mom & dad. Photo portrait of the brothers with their girlfriends.
    Family portret
    Family portrait Cozy family portrait on a beautiful location in Gouda selected by the family itself. Dance, play and fun!
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