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Janke 278

Ode to the Roodbont Friese Vee.
With a noble head, beautiful eyes and a red-spotted body, Janke 278 is standing here in an authentic grup stable in Friesland.

The Frisian red and white cow is an endangered cow. Fortunately, there are more and more farmers and organizations that ensure that this cow with a great cultural-historical value will not disappear. At the moment there are only 600 red-colored cattle worldwide. But that is more than the 250 on which the counter stuck in January 2018, when the Roodbont Friese Vee Foundation sounded the alarm again.

The roaming chicken and rooster are an exceptional display. This is the Friesian grouse in the color scheme Roodkoekoek. This color was extinct around 1900. For a number of years now, people have been bravely re-breeding this beautiful color variety of Roodkoekoek.

Both the red and white cattle and the Frisian grouse are in the danger zone, but rearing red cuckoo shows that at the same time there is hope for survival.