personal story

Personal story Family Kerbof She is from Haarlem, he from The Hague.. and the children grew up in Friesland. As a gift for her for their silver wedding. The children how they are now and what they love now. In a landscape setting where they often walk with the tree as a symbol of life […]

Family portrait

Family portrait A magical backyard in Tienhoven ‘Just’ in the back of the garden with the family. Personal, a snapshot in time, the year 2020. But then very special and with extra magic! In and around the swimming pond. The basic image was photographed at the first rays of the sun (when the family was […]

Family portrait Switzerland

Family portrait at home in Switzerland unique personal family portrait Switzerland. Autumn starts, the apples are ripe. The children are playing. Elements that are currently important for the family and / or children have been carefully brought together. The house before the renovation combined with the view of Mont Blanc, mum and dad watch.

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