New York, Brooklyn
Photoville returns to Brooklyn Bridge Park, fall 2013! September 19 – 29

Dutch exhibition ‘Keep on dreaming’

The word ‘fantasy’ comes fraom the Greek word Phantazesthai and means ‘picture to oneself’. As a product of imagination it is often considered to be the opposite of reality, yet we need it to adapt to and understand reality. A fantasy orginates from desires, conflicts, frustration, wishes and dreams. It is through our imagination that we discover possibility and as such it is indespensable in paving the way to our future reality.

Keep on dreaming shows the mental representation of thoughts, concepts, symbols and dreams of 23 Dutch photographers. The invite you to a world of new ideas, romantic imagination and endless possibilities.

Featuring: Jenne Bleijenburg, Eefje Bouwkamp, Bernhard von Braun, Rine van Brug, Paul Fleming, Aloys Ginjaar, Jeanette Grotenhuis, Judith Heinsohn, Dindi van der Hoek, Sarah Mei Herman, Merit de Jong, Elizabeth Kleinveld & EPaul Julien (E2), Paul & Menno de Nooijer, Milette Raats, Annelis Rigter, Maartje Roos, Ellen Schippers, Henri Senders, Roeland Verhallen, Astrid Verhoef, Bianca van der Werf, Alice Wielinga, Hans Withoos.

Curated by Aloys Ginjaar

19-09-2013 | 29-09-2013