I'm proud of:

photo Niels de vries

2022 PX3 Gold in Nature/Domestic Animals, 1st Place winner in Nature
2022 PAN AMSTERDAM Koster Fine Art Photos
Galerie De Roos van Tudor
2022 KUNST RAI AMSTERDAM Galerie De Roos van Tudor
2021 FRYSKE TALINTPRIIS (Frisian Talentprice) Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds
PAN AMSTERDAM Koster Fine Art Photos
KUNST RAI AMSTERDAM Galerie De Roos van Tudor
2020 Represented by Eduard Planting Gallery, Amsterdam
2020 Nominated 13th Annual International Color Award
Fine Art | Eartiids Earnewâld
2020 Represented by Gallery Galerie De Roos van Tudor - Friesland
2019 Nominated at 12th Annual International Color Award
Fine Art | Willem Lodewijk van Nassau
2019 Solo exhibition 'Terug naar de toekomst' in kunstruimte Het Langhuis, Zwolle
2018 'Erpel, 1885 Nuenen' at Vincentre | museum about Vincent van Gogh
2018 Solo exhibition new serie 'Leeuwarden Lonkt' at De vier Pelikanen
2016 Nominated three times at 9th Annual Photography Masters Cup
Advertising | Kerst vier je samen! (Christmas you celebrate together!
Fine Art | Rietsnijders (Reed Cutters)
Fine Art | Piano man
2015 Participated in the national photographic team of The Netherlands for the World Photographic Cup
2015 Nominee 8th Annual International Color Award
Commercial | Efteling, Joris en de draak
Landscape | Pavo Cristatus, oftewel pauw
2014 Exhibition, ‘Alive!’ at PHOTOVILLE, New York
2014 Nominated three tims at 7th Annual Photography Masters Cup
Advertising | Are we there yet?
Fine Art | Old times – Drenthe (Oude tijden herleven | Drenthe)
Fine Art | Wonder of woman # Dining room
2014 Exhibition ‘Keep on Dreaming’ in AmstelGallery, Amsterdam
2014 Exhibition ‘Keep on Dreaming’ in Gallery [Sirius], Tokyo
2013 NEW Photo, Dutch Photography Talent 2014!
2013 Exhibition, ‘Keep on Dreaming’, PHOTOVILLE, New York,
2012 Photography 60 year – anniversary book Efteling ‘Are we there yet?’
2012 Exhibition ‘Wonder of Woman’, PHOTOVILLE, New York,
2012 Represented by agency Beeldagent
2011 Honorable mention Theo Brandsmaprijs – Beeldende Kunst KEIK
2011 Take5, Win-initiative, New York. Presentation and Exhibition.
2011 Exhibition, ‘Dutch Delight’ at New York Photo Festival, New York
2010 ‘Talent of the year 2010′ by Photo News – ‘Fotonieuws’
2010 Graduated ‘cum laude’ at the Academy of Photography – Fotoacademie Groningen

Maartje Roos (1986), doesn’t take pictures, she creates images.

Her narrative images are all manifestations of creating her own reality. This makes her demand the utmost of her creativity. An image always starts with a picture in her head. That picture will be transferred into a photographic art image. It is a long term process in which she is in charge of everything. Research, location, models, clothing, lighting, shooting and editing are all part of the process. She creates one image out of multiple photos, using the digital palette and her ability to empathize. She adds and omits, balancing on directing, registering and composing. In the end all that remains is her photographic art image.

Paint with photography
Reality and fantasy

I use my photo camera like a painter uses paint or pastel. We can faithfully adhere to the observation, but we also have the option of creating our own visual representation according to our own insight. And that is what I prefer to do; combine different elements for meaning or composition into something new. I really want to create and build up the image. I photograph everything myself. That is a requirement.

Because of my historical subjects, use of light, but also the way I build up my images they also look sometimes like paintings. That slight hesitation makes the images a little alienating, which makes one look more closely. I hope to create curiosity and accessibility.

Sometimes my images are surreal and other times hyper-realistic.

My work has not only references to painting traditions also to the earlier culture in general. Identity, history and nature are the common subjects in my work.

I want to take the viewer into my world, my passion, fascination and stories and I hope that people consciously or unconsciously get something, a feeling, a message or recognition from my images and stand still, look and dream away.


Graduated at the Photo Academy - 2010 cum laude
Artez Academy (2006-2007)
Fotonica, Level 4 (2003 - 2006 diploma)
HAVO - Culture & Society (1998 - 2003 diploma)

Working as a press photographer during internships for Dagblad van het Noorden (2006) and Leeuwarder Courant (2004/2005) in employment, worked as a photographer at advertising agency Work it Out (2003-2012) and photo agency Hoge Noorden (2009-2012).

Member DuPho. DuPho stands for Dutch Photographers and is the professional organization for professional photographers.


Represented by

KOSTER fine art gallery | Amsterdam

Gallery De Roos van Tudor | Friesland

I'm a x-photographer Fujifilm, the Netherlands
working with the Fujifilm GFX50s

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