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Photo Art Collection

Art Photography

Maartje Roos doesn’t take pictures, she creates images.

Her narrative images are all manifestations of creating her own reality. This makes her demand the utmost of her creativity. An image always starts with a picture in her head. That picture will be transferred into a photo. This is not only a matter of quickly taking a photo; it is a long term process in which she is in charge of everything. Location, models, clothing, lighting, shooting and editing are all part of the process. She often creates one photo out of multiple photos, using the digital palette and her ability to empathize. She adds and omits, balancing on registering and directing a photo. What remains is her image, a single work of art. Reality or fantasy, that is hard to tell. 

The photo art collection consists conceptual narrative and scenic photography. History, drama, depth and nature featuring the photography of Maartje Roos. Reality and interpretation in her constructed works of art make this original photo art.

The artworks can be seen on exhibitions and can be ordered.



Photo Art Collection

Each photo artwork in the photographic art collection are available in limited editions. In varying sizes and obviously signed. They are available in two (basic) formats:

• Large format
Lambda or Giclée print on dibond with mounting profile and finish.
Ranging per photo artwork in size from 80 to 150 cm longest side and in order, from 5 to no more than 15 pieces.

A larger size is always possible!

• Small format
Lambda print or giclée (bordered) on aluminum for framing.
Ranging per photo artwork of 60 to 65 cm longer side, in an edition of 25. (special editions hereby excluded). A smaller size is always possible!

The photo works are adaptable to personal preferences in size and finish. Anything is possible within the available and limited editions.
Below are a number of finishing options. But feel free to ask and we will discuss the possibilities and your personal preference!

• Example of finishing with a Giclée print.
Inkjet print on CansonRAG with a special varnish coating on dibond
with a mounting profile or framed without glass.


• Example of finishing with a Lambda print.
Lambda print on dibond with a mounting profile and finished with TruLife plexiglas.

(Lambda print is a photo print made with 'the Lambda' onto light-sensitive material. The photographic material was exposed with three lasers: red, green and blue. And the highlighted material then developed and fixed. The result of this classical photochemical process is astounding grid charge.
(Lambda Print, C-Print, Profprint: these are the three names that stand for this exposure technique)

Ask about the possibilities!