Marijke Muoi

Photography campaign / promotional image for the Marijke Muoi theater performance in the Grote kerk in Leeuwarden.

Marijke Muoi was the pet name for Maria Louise van Hessen-Kassel, wife of the Frisian governor Johan Willem Friso. She is the direct ancestor of our current royal family and was very popular during her reign. In the performance named after her, she is the spirit that floats above all parties. Thirty years earlier she died and now she looks with dismay at how her beloved Frisian people turn it into a mess.
Visit the Grote Kerk, transformed from head to toe, where Marijke Muoi, primal mother of the Oranje Nassaus, is buried with two skulls.

Marijke Muoi is an overwhelming theater experience that crawls under your skin, stimulates your senses and lasts a long time!