Oera Linda

Campaign image for the Oera Linda open air theater
Presented by theater company Suwâld


Open air theater Oera Linda
Travel along in a roller coaster through time to one of Friesland’s greatest mysteries: the secret of the infamous Oera Linda Book. The veil is removed from the fantastic, earliest history of Friesland. But also about the joke that three writers wanted to play with their book. A joke that got horribly out of hand.

Virgins, book writers and free Frisians come together in an original outdoor play. We see how the book originated as a brilliant joke with a dramatic outcome. Who wrote the book and why? What has driven the writers, what is their story? Travel with us to the beginning of time, and immerse yourself in a great mystery: The Oera Linda book.

From 27 June to 6 July 2019, the theater company Suwâld will play “Oera Linda”. Surrounded by the mythical landscape where everything originated: Suwâld.