Celebrating Diversity

Kening fan ‘e Greide

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Celebrate diversity with us in 2018!

Biodiversity is a major asset. In many countries the
variety of flora and fauna under heavy pressure. Because of that
it is an urgent and topical European theme. The Netherlands
at the bottom of the European lists on biodiversity. In
our country has lost 85% of its biodiversity in the last century
gone. But the consequence of this is only limited to the
ecological impoverishment? Or scaled with that wealth too
our language as a valuable carrier of culture and identity? There
are indications that support this relationship. And what does that say?
about ourselves: now and in 10-15 years?

Citizen initiative
The collective impotence for the decline in biodiversity
in 2012, led to the creation of a citizens’ initiative
Kening fan “e Greide. An initiative of scientists, citizens,
artists, farmers and many others. By an integrated
approach to knowledge, culture and innovation
citizen initiative, it sets up urgent topics such as
meadow birds and nature inclusive agriculture on many agendas and
it comes with all kinds of innovative solutions. The initiative
sets global biodiversity goals in the “glocal” context.

Godwit: Mirror of human
In the initiative, the godwit, the national bird of the Netherlands,
the mirror of man. This godwit asks us probing questions
about choices we make: for now and later. And there, just there,
lies the essence. Isn’t it about time to turn that negative spiral
breaking through? For example, by standing on the soap box yourself
and what to do about it? That is what Kening fan’s Greide is for
state. And every step forward counts.