De Twa Tuorren | The Two Towers

Book cover of De Twa Tuorren (The Two Towers)
The Frisian book translation of J.R.R. Tolkien The Two towers | Lord of the Rings by Liuwe Westra.

The Twa Tuorren (The Two Towers) is the second book of Liuwe Westra’s Frisian translation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s masterpiece The Lord of the Rings (Master fan alle Ringen).

Liuwe Westra, already several years ago, came to me with the idea and the question to make a magical Frisian Tolkiens photo image for the book cover for his Frisian translation of The Two Towers that he was working on. A number of elements were important to Liuwe. “I was born and raised in the Greidhoeke. Living in Lollum and pastor in the Frisian municipalities of Lollum-Waaksens and Burchwert Hartwert-Hichtum. The photo image should take place in this part of Friesland.
This environment is very dear to me and I had in mind during the translation.” It needed two towers, one being the “good” and the other the “evil.” The evil a twisted tower. The white Shadowfax from Gandalf was of course to become a beautiful black Frisian. “And,” said Liuwe, “it would be nice if I could be the” Gandalf figure. ”

Summer 2016 I started working. Early in the morning … late at night … every piece of tower or landscape was again the most beautiful in the light at a different time. Climbing towers, walking for the most beautiful part of the landscape and running away for a runaway horse … I did my utmost to “visualize” the magical world of Tolkien, the endless grassy plains of Rohan to the Greidhoeke of Friesland. The towers and all elements can be found in the Frisian landscape! And … you can ask Liuwe yourself about the “Black Shadowfax” story.

I have made this image for the book cover and I have created a special photo art version where you can be astonished even more and where you can discover even more! This is for sale in a limited edition as a photo print, 60 cm wide (or smaller) on aluminum with a white border that you can frame yourself. But of course I can also prepare the framed photo artwork for you if you prefer. Ask for the possibilities!

And for the real enthusiast, in an exclusive edition as a beautiful work of art; Giclée with varnish coating on dibond in a lime wood frame. Ready to hang – a real eye-catcher! from 60 cm wide.

Please contact me with any questions.

For the special photo art version take a look : FINE ART