• Nooi de starm
  • Drentse Heide | Oude tijden herleven
  • Willem Lodewijk van Nassau
  • Eartiids Earnewald
  • De Twa Tuorren | Master fan alle Ringen
  • Maria Louise van Hessen Kassel
  • Yn it ljocht
  • Ter Borch untitled


Maartje Roos | photo artist

Maartje Roos doesn’t take pictures, she creates images.
In both commissioned and free work, Maartje Roos her narrative images are all manifestations of creating her own reality. This makes her demand the utmost of her creativity. An image always starts with a picture in her head. That picture will be transferred into a photo. This is not only a matter of quickly taking a photo; it is a long term process in which she is in charge of everything. Location, models, clothing, lighting, shooting and editing are all part of the process. She often creates one photo out of multiple photos, using the digital palette and her ability to empathize. She adds and omits, balancing on registering and directing a photo. What remains is her image. Reality or fantasy, that is hard to tell.


Are you interested to purchase my work or hire me as a photographer?
Please feel free to contact me so we can discuss the possibilities!

Maartje Roos

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