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Nooi de starm

The island Schiermonnikoog | after the storm

June 2019 | Artist in Residence Schiermonnikoog KunstDOK

Schiermonnikoog surprised and inspired me

A beautiful quiet island with large wide beaches, I had never seen them that big. Small and insignificant, yet oh so happy I felt there, only sand and sea and nobody else. Delicious! I feel my eyes go past the shells and the shapes in the sand. Is this him then? The Noordkromp. And “oh, how beautiful this shell is!” I watch and wonder how light and shadow play over the small shaped dunes…

My feeling, my imagination of the island of Schiermonnikoog, as I saw it and the characteristics that struck me, combined with (old) stories that were told to me.
Beachcombing is of all times, it belongs to an island and certainly Schiermonnikoog. More than half the annual income of the Stachouwer family in the 18th / 19th century came from beach robbing. For the one his bread for the other his death I will say (in Dutch), because the ships were often deliberately misled. Men were often at sea, so the women were also beachcombing.Beach Law and the Wrecks Act, it has been an exciting battle between beach lovers and beachcombers.
Nowadays, jutting is a hobby and it is even encouraged to take waste that has been washed up or that has been thrown away by beach guests and to throw it in the waste bin.
To draw attention to the dialect, I translated my title of the work in Schiermonnikoogs: “Nooi de starm”. It looks like a mixture of Old Frisian with Scandinavian influences.