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Maria Louise van Hessen Kassel
Leeuwarden lonkt

The Princessehof, Leeuwarden
December 13, 1742

Marijke and her son, Stadholder William IV, are presented during the lunch by court gardener Johan Hermann Knoop, the first boiled potato.

The story goes that on 13 December 1742 Maria Louise van Hessen-Kassel (Marijke Meu), the founding mother of our current royal family, ate boiled potatoes for the first time. “If someone of royal blood ate this weird tuber, she had to be safe!” An example for the ordinary citizen. An inexpensive alternative to the then increasingly expensive bread.

Maartje chose this story to show who Maria Louise was and how she lived. But also to recite the story of our now so “ordinary potato”.

For this occasion, Maartje was allowed to take photographs in the Nassaukamer in the current Ceramics Museum Princessehof in Leeuwarden. This room is a reminder of the period that Maria Louise lived there.

The series Leeuwarden Lonkt
Maartje Roos has captured fragments from the lives of famous Leeuwarders in a contemporary manner. Recognizable locations and elements of the current city have been used to go back in time. The Stadhouderlijk Hof, for example, can be seen in its old form by using modern photo techniques and the still-present parts of buildings in the city.

In total, so far, 33 extras have posed in historical costumes. Three dogs, three horses, a cat and birds have appeared before the lens. Special ballet clothing had to be made. And it has been quite a quest to get the right ballet hall, pram, grand piano, mirror and car from that time. Even the actual household effects of Troelstra were unpacked from the Tresoar store in Winschoten for the first time after fifteen years.