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Beauty and Mortality

The almost unreal Dutch lighthouse, Paard van Marken and one of the oldest ships in the Netherlands, the tallship bark EUROPA. The ship that continuously goes around the world, which has meant a lot in the glory days of the Netherlands and the lighthouse, the beacon, protection, solid rock in the surf then on the Zuiderzee (the southern sea)…. the Horse and the Bull meet.

Beauty and Mortality

focused sparkling light
beacon of hope

timeless memories
endless thoughts

guide the old world
lead the white Taurus

beauty and mortality
burning bright

© Maartje Roos

(Europe and the bull. In Greek mythology, Europe was a Phoenician princess to whom supreme god Zeus drew lusty eyes. According to the best-known version of the story, young Europe was one day playing with her friends on the beach in the near Sidon when Zeus was struck by the charms of the girl, not only to escape the eye of his wife Hera, but also not to scare the girl with his divine appearance, Zeus turned into a white bull).