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Changing time. Present and past come together

As a reaction to earlier work (folk stories) by me and to the work of Gosse Koopmans, this photo art image was created. Gosse Koopmans lives in the house of Dam Jaarsma and has drawn his living room with oil pastel as it is today. I made a photo image of that room as it looked in the 60s when Dam Jaarsma still lived and lived there. I have been able to paint a picture of the room by hearing and seeing the stories, photo albums and collections of the unclearers of Dam Jaarsma, Auke and Errit de Jong. Which I subsequently, with their help, were able to create photographically.


Dû moatst allinne libje freon
Omdatstû minske bist.
Dû hast in wiif, dû haste bern,
Mar der is nimmen dy’t dy ken.
Allinne giest dyn ienlik paad,
Fan miich en maten skaat.

Dû moatst allinne stride, freon,
Omdatstû minske bist.
Fret oan dyn siele in fertriet,
Der is net ien dy’t dit ferstiet
Want it geheimste fan dyn hert

Ferriedstû nimmen net.
Dû moatst allinne stjerre, freon,
Omdatstû minske bist.
Wat djip yn dy ferhoalen lei
– O bitter liet– dû nimst it mei,
Oant datstû komst foar ien te stean
Dy’t giet oer wurk en lean.

© Dam Jaarsma