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It Skilige pypke
The ghost of it Skilige pypke

About the greedy man who haunted the bridge at Veenwouden

Depiction of a folk tale that takes place at Veenwouden and Zwaagwesteinde / De Westereen, at the end / beginning of the Goddelozesingel. It pypke, the little bridge, literally a connecting element of the “Boppewei” that people just drove over.

Photo artwork from the series of 4 Frykse Folksferhalen – Frisian folk stories. At places where the Centrale As (new motorway from Dokkum to Nijegea) now passes, I recorded what has disappeared or changed due to the construction of the road. By editing the photos, I added the eternal of the locally transmitted stories. Recognizable elements in the daylight from when the stories were told.